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April 17, 2024

What is Affinity eHealth Online?


Affinity is a third-party organization that the Georgia PHP uses to help track drug screen monitoring and behavioral compliance with recovery. Affinity offers an organized and easy to use system that allows our participants to determine if they need to provide a urine screen. Affinity offers more than just that however. If you need help finding a drug screen drop site they have web-based as well as old-fashioned phone support.

We also collect our participant fees through the affinity system. This allows you one portal to cover both the participant fee and the cost of urine drug screens. Finally, we ask all of our participants to track their 12 step and other support group meeting attendance using this simple online tool.

Sometimes we are asked why we have to collect so much information about you. The answer is simple. Compliance with twelve-step meeting attendance as well as negative urine screens help to produce the best possible long-term outcome from the chronic disease of addiction. In this way, the affinity tool is part of your therapy for recovery.

Posted 11 years ago