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June 19, 2024

Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP)

To support physician health programs in improving the health of medical professionals, thereby contributing to quality patient care.

A society of highly effective PHPs advancing the health of the medical community and the patients they serve.

Guiding Values

  • Membership: The FSPHP is dedicated to enhancing the value of membership and upholding an environment of fellowship and networking.
  • Advocacy: The FSPHP strengthens PHPs by promoting best practices and providing guidelines, advocacy, and other resources that enhance their effectiveness. The FSPHP encourages partnerships between physician health programs, regulatory boards, and other appropriate components of organized medicine.
  • Collaboration: The FSPHP fosters collaboration and engagement with other national and international medical organizations.
  • Equality: The FSPHP opposes discrimination against physicians and the medical community solely based on the presence of a particular diagnosis or other discriminatory factors and supports the use of PHP services in lieu of disciplinary action whenever possible.
  • Education: The FSPHP supports education and research designed to establish best practices for the prevention, treatment, and monitoring of physicians experiencing substance use disorders, mental illness, physical illness, and other potentially impairing conditions.

FSPHP-NIDA Imaging Biomarker Study - This page includes information about a collaborative research project that PHP participants may be intereted in learning more about.

Featured Articles and Podcasts about PHPs - This page includes articles and podcasts focusing on Physician Health Programs and/or Health Professional Programs and are written or developed by PHPs.

Research about PHPs and Health Professionals

Resources on Health Professional Well-Being - This page includes articles, websites and tools that focus on health and well-being for health professionals.

Guidelines, Policies & Position Statements - This page includes links to FSPHP and other national organizations' guidelines, policies, and position statements that are related to the mission of FSPHP and/or member PHPs.

Newsletters - This page includes links to all past issues of FSPHP's official newsletter, Physician Health News, the newsletter submission guidelines, and information on advertising.