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October 02, 2023


What is Monitoring?

Monitoring refers to two types of interventions that promote abstinence. When abstinence is in place, it increases the probability of an individual attaining the state of recovery, but does not guarantee it. 

One of the largest functions of the Georgia PHP is monitoring its participants. Monitoring refers to drug screen testing and tracking simple behavioral parameters. The drug screen testing is performed randomly to reduce the frequency of testing. A participant is required to test when selected to insure that the monitoring is accurate. Testing alone will not keep an addicted individual abstinent, but testing when combined with intensive treatment is profoundly effective.

In addition to drug screen testing, PHPs monitor a participants behaviors. Tracking attendance at support group meetings and therapy sessions are among the most common behaviors we track. Research has shown that tracking these simple behaviors increases treatment compliance and increases the probability that an individual will enter true recovery from their addictive disorder. 

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