Georgia PHP – Statement about COVID-19

The Georgia PHP, like almost every other organization in the United States has been carefully considering the public health risks of the current COVID-19 epidemic. The safety of our participants and those we come into contact with is our highest concern. We will respect all state and local municipality restrictions for travel, social distancing, and other protective measures to protect all of us from infectious disease and to help mitigate the spread of the illness. Please note that the situation remains fluid; our response and requirements will change as the illness progresses and regresses in the coming months. Participants should always refer to the Affinity/Spectrum messaging system for any status updates from  Georgia PHP regarding their monitoring.  We also encourage you to follow the latest information and updates provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the following link: .

We are not infectious disease experts so we cannot make decisions about your health. However, now is a time for us to work together as medical professionals and face this outbreak with compassion and calm. The latest information and updates is available on the CDC website at

Paul Earley. MD
Medical Director, Georgia PHP