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June 19, 2024

If I am a Georgia physician and I have a problem, do I have to enroll with the PHP?


If you or your loved one is a physician, physician assistant, or veterinarian in Georgia with the substance abuse condition, we urge you to contact the Georgia PHP. We can assist you in obtaining a thorough evaluation of your needs. If some type of care is needed, we also help you find the best initial care with providers who have expertise in treating addiction among healthcare workers.

Addiction disorders are chronic by nature, and require a tapering, lifelong vigilance to ensure they remain in remission. The Georgia Professional Health Program staff are among the nation’s leading experts in this area of healthcare. Once you have completed your evaluation and initial treatment, you will be placed in the PHP continuing care system which is evidence-based and has a high prognosis of an excellent long-term outcome.

But our work with you does not stop there. We assist physicians, physician assistants, and veterinarians in their relations with hospitals, clinics, credentialing bodies, board specialty agencies, and malpractice carriers. Most importantly, in the vast majority of cases our support is confidential. In confidential cases, the Georgia Medical Board and the Georgia Board of Veterinary Medicine has agreed that they do not need to know about you and your license is protected. Protecting your license also decreases the probability that any reports will make it to the National Practitioners Databank.

We believe that working with the Georgia PHP provides a win-win situation for everyone. Physicians, physician assistants, and veterinarians obtain confidential care without the fear of reprisal and the public safety is assured. If you have questions, please feel free to call us or email us.

Posted 11 years ago