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June 19, 2024

What credentialing forms or insurance questions might I encounter after PHP participation?


Traditionally, questions are posed as follows on these sorts of documents:

      • Have you ever been evaluated for, recommended for treatment of, diagnosed with, or treated for alcohol, narcotics, or any other substance abuse, sexual addiction, anger management issues, or any mental illness, including but not limited to depression and/or depression and/or chronic fatigue?

     Answer: Typically the response to the above question will be “yes” for someone who has participated with the PHP relative to any of the above items. Be prepared to provide requested details as to your status with the PHP.

     • Have you ever been indicted or, charged with, or convicted of, any act committed in violation of any law or ordinance other that traffic offenses or had your hospital privileges, DEA license, medical license or reimbursement privileges refused, denied, revoked, suspended, restricted, subject to a reprimand, placed on probation or voluntarily surrendered?

     Answer: You are encouraged to consult with your attorney in responding to questions of this nature. But, it is likely that the answer is “no” for PHP participants voluntarily entering the PHP and for whom regulatory or privileging bodies have not taken any action against.

     • Have you ever been or are you currently under a consent order?

     Answer: Participation in the PHP does not mean that you’ve had a consent order. Unless the Georgia Composite Medical Board or the Georgia Board of Veterinary Medicine issued a specific consent order against your license the answer to this question is “no”.

Posted 11 years ago