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May 24, 2024

I am confused about the terms “practice monitor” or “worksite monitor.” What are they?


When many substance abusing workers return to their practice, their first weeks and months often feel shaky and uncertain. In addition, some of us may have fallen behind in our skills or knowledge base during the course of our addictive disease. A few of us might have had difficulties with interpersonal boundaries, overprescribing, or setting limits in our relationships with our patients.

When this occurs, the Georgia PHP will have you set up a practice or worksite monitor. This individual should know the scope and the knowledge base of your practice. They cannot work for you (i.e., be your employee). Often a partner in the practice or individual at the hospital with your same specialty area is a good choice.

We will help you pick out a proper worksite monitor. You will be required to sign a release of information. This individual will need to write letters that describe your ongoing growth in the areas of concern in your practice. The frequency of these letters will be determined by need. The length of time that this information is needed from a worksite monitor varies from participant to participant.

Posted 11 years ago