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May 24, 2024

What does the PHP use my monitoring fee for?


The Georgia Professional Health Program, unlike most professionals health programs across the United States, relies solely upon participant fees for its work. This means that the monitoring fee for physicians is currently $450 per month. If we obtain grant or other benevolent funding in the future, we hope to decrease this fee. Physician assistants, respiratory therapists, and veterinarians pay somewhat less.

Your monitoring fee goes to pay the overhead, computer hardware, office rent, and salaries of its employees. The PHP maintains a database of your drug screens, self-help group and therapy attendance. Tracking these variables has been shown to increase the rate of recovery for healthcare and veterinary professionals who suffer from addictive disorders.

The staff of the professional health program will meet with you from time to time to discuss your progress in recovery. We manage a network of providers who have proven expertise in the treatment of addiction among healthcare professionals. We run group therapies and caduceus groups that extend the network of support across the entire state.

Importantly, part of every participant’s fees goes to expanding the care for addicted healthcare and veterinary providers. At present, we are engaged in discussions with many large hospital systems across the state of Georgia, removing stigma and assisting hospital systems in credentialing and maintaining our participants within the healthcare network.

Posted 11 years ago