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October 02, 2023

Why do we have to check in every day and have urine screens?


Well-designed research studies show that frequent random witnessed urine drug screens when combined with proper psychotherapy and support group attendance produce an excellent prognosis for recovery in healthcare professionals. Checking in regarding a random urine drug screen is like a daily reminder of your illness. For reasons that we do not understand, individuals with a substance abuse disorder seem to forget that they have a lifelong disease.

The urine screens as well as twelve-step meeting attendance comprise a system that is called “contingency contracting.” By having frequent low grade interventions into your illness through contact with us and the screening process, the probability of long-term recovery is greatly enhanced.

If an individual stops screening or has a single positive urine drug screen, it may mean that the individual is early in the process of relapse. The PHP responds to these events with graded, careful interventions that help get you back onto the road towards recovery.

We understand that this monitoring process may seem at times to be a lot of work. We tend to look at it as a relatively small amount of work when compared with the daily maintenance associated with other chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

Posted 10 years ago
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