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May 17, 2021

What is the Georgia PHP?


The Georgia Professionals Health Program (Georgia PHP, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization formed in 2012 to assist all licensees of the Georgia Composite Medical Board, who develop potentially impairing conditions, mental illnesses, to include depression, substance use and other addictive disorders. We are not, per se, a treatment organization. Rather, we provide initial triage, referral into treatment, treatment quality monitoring, and long-term care monitoring for addiction and other mental/behavioral health disorders. The Georgia Professionals Health Program was made possible by state law passed in 2010. The law provides for a structured relationship between the medical board and the services of the Georgia PHP. We are not a licensing or sanctioning body. We are a voluntary organization and see our mission as helping Georgia healthcare providers remain healthy and in doing so, to improve the health of all citizens of our state. We do not obtain any funding from state government or agencies. The majority of our funding comes from participant fees. We also pursue grant funding from benevolent benefactors in agencies that benefit from our services.

Posted 8 years ago
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