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February 04, 2023

Well-Being & Recovery Resources during COVID-19 Social Distancing and Beyond

For Individuals in Recovery

Website Links & Online Meeting Resources*Disclaimer: Logging in to online meetings has very small but tangible risks. Although we encourage all participants to consider these options, they do so at their own risk.

Recovery Apps for Phone (Some free, some require a fee.) - *Disclaimer for all apps and especially the ones that cost money. You will be known as someone who has downloaded such an app. Apple protects this information moderately well, the android app platform is somewhat less well guarded.

  • Sober Grid: https://www.sobergrid.com/- allows you to create online profiles and interact, support, and engage with other people in recovery using a platform similar to Facebook. You can also use the app to create anonymous check-ins about whether you’re sober or not, your mood, and what’s going on.
  • SoberTool: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sobertool-addiction-recovery/id863872931- is an easy way to track your clean and sober days. The app includes daily motivational messages and reminders to keep you on target
  • The WEconnect app:https://www.weconnectrecovery.com/patients - provides you with daily reminders to stay on track with your recovery plan. You can create reminders to call your sponsor, go to a group meeting, or meditate—anything you need to provide that extra push.
  • AA Big Book: https://mybigbookapp.com/ - This app gives you access to the full text of the Big Book, along with a meeting finder, podcasts, prayers, and personal stories. You can use the app to bookmark meaningful passages, make notes on individual chapters in the comment section, and search for specific keywords.
  • 12 Step Meditation Daily Reflections for AA, NA, Al-Anon: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/12-step-meditation-daily-reflections-aa-na-al-anon/id1027253662 - This app features hundreds of easy-to-follow guided meditations, as well as soothing music, prayers, and 12-step recovery audio. 
  • I Am Sober: https://iamsober.com/ - to track your sober days and milestones, build new habits, and enjoy ongoing motivation from a community of people who get it.
  • Pink Cloud: https://gopinkcloud.com/ - locate meetings near you based on your location 

Meditation Apps

Podcasts & Articles


Mental Health Resources:

  • Crisis/Emergency counseling by phone:  24 hours a day, 7 days/week

Strategies to Support the Health and Well-Being of Clinicians During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Some Local/National Religious Services Offered Online (incomplete listing):


Free Online Exercise Resources:


Getting Food [Not available in all locations]:


Tips to stop touching your face:   https://brooklynminds.blog/dont-touch-your-face-tips-from-a-habit-reversal-therapist/


Ways to Socialize While Maintaining Social Distancing Precautions

  • Video chat with friends and family (Facetime, Android video chat, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype)
  • Host a “Netflix Party”: https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/tv/2020/03/17/coronavirus-netflix-party-lets-friends-do-movie-nights-quarantine/5072347002/
  • Have an Online Karaoke party: http://www.singsnap.com/
  • Play an online multiplayer game together
  • Play charades via Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype
  • Host an online scavenger hunt (meet via Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype then give everyone a fun list of items to find in their house and “show off” what they find when time is up!)
  • Host a photo/video scavenger hunt—give them a list of silly things to do and take a photo/video of themselves to share with the group (e.g., headstand, attempt to juggle, eat a hot pepper)
  • Play Pictionary via Zoom using the screenshare feature
  • Play digital board games together
  • “Meet” for online party games [not free]: https://jackboxgames.com/games/
  • Practice your photography skills and share with friends
  • Make/share TikTok videos
  • Play “Car Pool Karaoke” via Zoom—take turns picking a song and challenge other(s) to sing along.  Everyone starts muted, then selectively unmute friends to share their performance with the group.
  • Host an online journal club or book club
  • Watch a movie or show “together” via Zoom, Facetime Group, Google Hangouts, Skype, Facebook Live or host a movie Tweet-along via Twitter (start your own #hashtag)
  • Do a craft “together” via Zoom, Facetime Group, or Google Hangouts
  • Write a story together—one person in the group writes a couple sentences, then emails it to the next group member who adds another couple sentences and passes it along. Keep going as many rounds as it remains fun!
  • Play a social online game together (e.g., Words With Friends, Draw Something, Golf Clash)
  • Engage in Virtual Team Building Activities: https://www.thecouchmanager.com/3-fun-and-easy-virtual-team-building-activities/
  • Send emails, notes, texts to your friends and family expressing gratitude and/or admiration


Entertain Yourself While in Quarantine

Consider keeping a COVID-19 Journal to remember this historical event (some prompts below):

  • How has this impacted your daily life?
  • How has it affected your view of the important work you do?
  • How has spending time at home with family influenced your interactions and feelings toward your family?  OR How has spending time home alone influenced your interactions and feelings toward your family? 
  • What has happened during this crisis that has surprised you in a positive way? What has happened during this crisis that has surprised you in a negative way?
  • What can you be grateful for in this moment?
  • How might this experience impact your life long-term?

Free Online Cultural Experiences:

Free Online Classes:


Resource for Parents:

How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus: https://www.pbs.org/parents/thrive/how-to-talk-to-your-kids-about-coronavirus?fbclid=IwAR30Hy1oPOKn_gq4egmdt2DBYO8tYhEwlL5Jk8IRQ0R-uuPgglDZCMccrHQ


Childcare Services:


Tips for working at home with kids:  https://theeducatorsspinonit.com/working-at-home-with-kids/?fbclid=IwAR3YZCegqkaT0zFMeSLhAbHUpod_kn6Q0q3hSaQHnDNuTomobOt2DeYa9No


How to Navigate Google Classroom (if your child’s school is using this to transition online): https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PDVZvie0DnFbFEVFB8U3j89o1mD5BCUXTE6ymbb9y_k/mobilepresent?slide=id.g4ed39d6345_0_55


Online lessons/activities to keep the kids busy:

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